Coventry, UK represent.

- I don’t know any humans who feel so hard.
- I am a human.

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Gothic city in Angel’s Egg (1985)

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Fallen Star by Do-Ho Suh, 2012

The precariously positioned sculpture is a permanent addition to UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering.



Bridging Home by Do Ho Suh.



The bubbly, upbeat soundtrack for the equally upbeat game, Lovely Planet. Calum Bowen does a wonderful job capturing the unique, fast paced and cute gameplay of Lovely Planet in the music. It reminds me a lot of Katamari Damacy’s soundtrack.

This is my favorite track, entitled Lovely Mountains. Unlike the other songs on the album, Lovely Mountains feature a groovy, almost funky bass line, differing from the soundtrack’s generally upbeat, fast paced sound. Couple that with uplifting chiptune melodies, and it’s almost impossible not to crack a smile while listening to this stupendous song/album.

Go check out the full album here.


ALL m.a+

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 Whisper of the Heart | 1995 

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